The recent mini-budget presented by our incumbent Finance Minister seems to have gone down like a lead balloon. The Minister has, somewhat unfairly, been criticized for a budget speech that was heavy on dire predictions around national debt, for example, and light on tangible solutions.

It’s a pity that small business hardly featured in the mini-budget because enabling the growth of an SME sector that contributes 60% to national GDP is indeed a real solution to our current economic woes. It is with SMEs in mind that we write today’s blog.

Even though mobile marketing has been shown time and time again to boost cash flow by turning consumer intent into actual rands and cents, a recent study quoted by says 47 percent of small retailers struggle to keep up with mobile marketing trends.

This is entirely plausible as the territory of mobile marketing long ago expanded well past the borders of the text message. Things are getting exciting in mobile marketing, and without the right specialist partner, complicated too!

InTarget’s mobile advice for SMEs is to firstly master the basics. When dealing with mobile marketing, you’ll want to first and foremost make sure your website is updated and enabled for viewing on mobile devices. So test things out by browsing your own site from Android and Apple devices, across at least three different screen sizes. This will help you pin down any simple web-related issues that need tweaking.

Secondly, remember that local really is lekker in mobile. You’ve really got to localise your content to matter these days and you can do so by focusing on what makes a particular area or location special and tweaking your web content to reflect this.

Thirdly, SMEs have a reputation for being nimble. You’ve got to be ready at a moment’s notice to outfox the big guys and this means ensuring you have mobile response capabilities. So when potential customers want to buy things, leave reviews on your site, or simply contact you from their smart phones or tablets, you’ve got to be on the ball. Making sure your website is mobile-friendly really helps, as does you as the business owner having the best available mobile technology your budget can accommodate.

Start with these three simple actionable items and you’ll be well on your way to carving out your own slice of the action!




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