Sponsored Calls

This service allows any user (Party A) to make a call for free to someone else (Party B) in a sponsored format, for a predetermined timeframe. The solution works in the following manner:

A party dials a USSD dial string and includes the B Parties number, for example *130*111*CellNo#. This transaction is sent to the server, the server calls party A and plays an advert of 15 to 30 seconds. After the advert is played out to party A, party B is called by the system. An announcement is made to party B: “This call is brought to you by (Advertiser Name)”.After this announcement, the call is connected between party A and party B.

The users will be connected for a limited time. Before the end of the call, the user can opt-in to listen to another advert, to get more time, should it be a requirement.

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