End of Call Notification (EOCN)

  • Text based USSD/SMS channel
  • 40 to 100 characters for Advertising Text
  • If SMS can contain a Call-to-Action link
  • Language dependent on the territory
  • Cost dependent on the Opco in territory

How it works

  • EOCN sends a message (USSD/SMS) with a range of information about the call i.e. remaining balance available, call cost & call duration etc.
  • Recipient receives an USSD/SMS message as soon as he/she terminates the call.
  • The message appears on the screen of the phone with all the relevant information.
  • The Advertisement will then follow the “Your balance is” message followed by an “OK” button
  • The Subscriber is prompted to press the OK Button and the message disappears.
  • The message cannot be retrieved by the subscriber once it disappears.

What can it do?

  • Deliver brand messaging
  • Deliver promotional messaging
  • Suggest consumers visit a store or event

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