With about 60 days left of 2017 many mobile marketers, agencies, clients and brands are surely wondering what’s in store for the coming year. In a nutshell, we expect it to be more of the same – but better!

The science and art of mobile marketing will continue to make progress as specialist mobile practitioners like InTarget hone their craft. One area that’s surely set for refining is the art of producing video fit for mobile. We’ve mentioned many times in these pages how video is becoming the premier mobile medium with many brands gauging their mobile success based on how any viral video shares they receive. Forget all the other complicated metrics, we’ve encountered brand managers who measure success solely by the views they see after logging onto such video-based platforms as Vimeo, Vine, YouTube and others.

With video being the yardstick according to which many mobile marketers measure campaign success, what’s important here? We believe it’s crucial for brands to customise mobile marketing videos not only for different segments but also according to length. Some audiences are demanding video clips as short as a few seconds. Short form video, for example, used to mean anything under a few minutes in length. Today, short form in the mobile marketing community is starting to mean clips about as long as a GIF. There’s a whole science devoted to producing these ultra-short clips and, amazingly, you need significant artistry and creative talent to capture a brand’s entire message in just a fleeting moment in time. It’s InTarget’s view that the days of 90-second, award-winning commercials featuring a wizened old fellow narrating some over the top script in an accent you can’t quite place are not over, but very few of these will be produced locally next year.

Our view is that brands would be well-advised to partner with hotshot video producers with a talent for the very short. A second video-related tip from us is that audio is also becoming a bit old. Amazingly, video globally is often shared with no soundtrack. It’s become imperative for the mobile marketer to either add subtitles to get the message across or to omit audio completely. This simply acknowledges the very real fact that many of us are accessing mobile marketing videos in public places, probably using free public Wi-Fi. So if earphones are not handy, you’ve got eyeballs on your brand, but no audio message. Subtitles are a good option.

In conclusion, video’s the thing for 2018. Keep clips (very) short and remember, not everyone can hear what’s happening on screen.




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