Mobile Billing

(director operator billing)

Integrat provides bulletproof Mobile Billing solutions, comprising of SMS Payments, Direct Operator Billing and WAP Billing.

Why provide your product or service to a consumer who can’t pay for it? Mobile Billing is an operator billing product that allows you to authorize a purchase and reserve funds prior to delivering content.

With Mobile Billing, clients can validate their leads prior to proceeding with a transaction. Clients can verify the availability of funds before content is distributed. Due to the improvement of transparency, costs are lowered resulting in fewer consumer enquiries and refund requests.

The following describes a high level Mobile Billing purchase flow:

  1. The consumer (end user) selects a product to purchase and confirms initial opt-in.
  2. The client submits authorization request to Integrat Platform.
  3. Integrat processes the authorization request with the Operator and returns the result to the client, including confirmation of funds reservation if successful.
  4. Integrat returns failure or double opt-in information to the consumer for confirmation.
  5. The client submits the charge request to Integrat and delivers content.
  6. Integrat processes the charge request with the Operator and returns the result to the client.
  7. The client returns the purchase confirmation information to the consumer and delivers the content if not delivered previously.

Subscription purchases are handled in the same way as single item purchases, with the addition of a recurring authorization operation. Mobile Billing is a pure billing API, which means a Premium SMS message is not required to place a charge on a consumer’s mobile bill. If the Operator requires a customer SMS notification, or if a SMS is necessary for content delivery, those messages are handled outside of the purchase transaction.

The consumer opt-in process and mobile payment guidelines must follow all WASPA ( and operator-specific guidelines.

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