Mass Airtime

Mass Airtime Campaigns are ideal to create general brand awareness and drive product sales through incentivising individuals to purchase a product or participate in a promotion. Participants will instantly be rewarded with airtime or promotional vouchers for following the campaign call-to-action. These campaigns have proven to be extremely successful and can be further enhanced with other below-the-line campaigns and strategies to provide even better results.

The promotion mechanics utilises mobile USSD technology, which is the most commonly used mobile mechanism for this, as well as a variety of similar mobile redemption promotions.

Benefits to your brand:

  • Increased product sales, usage and consumption
  • Interactive campaigning and research can be facilitated
  • Full logic engines are used to ensure optimised solutions
  • Different competition types can be catered for
  • Campaigns can be set to limit risk for the brand or advertiser
  • Across network airtime and promotional voucher availability
  • Improved data integrity and mobile business Intelligence
  • All participants can be rewarded with every interaction


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