Premium USSD

Flexible, real time customer interaction. Premium rated USSD for your business

Premium rated USSD is a great new payment channel for your customers, and could be a brand new revenue stream for your business.

The word “PREMIUM” in the mobile industry, refers to the rate / tariff that your subscribers pay in order to make use of your products or services.

Premium rated USSD is initiated by the subscriber, and the subscriber is billed depending on the time spent on the USSD session.


How does Premium rated USSD compare to Premium rated SMS ?

– It easier to use, as there are no keywords to remember.

– Feedback to your subscriber is immediate. No more waiting for delayed messages.


Another great advantage of Premium rated USSD is that its really easy to enable

this, and there are no complex business rules and billing integration.

As with standard USSD services, Premium rated USSD can be integrated into our Higate platform by making use of our SMPP or HTTP APIs.


Please contact your account manager for more information on the different price bands that is available, as well as the costs & revenue options.


Dont get left behind, let Integrat (Pty) LTD help you and enable Premium USSD services today !

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