More seamless collaboration between real and virtual worlds in 2018

Mobile’s awesome potential continues to inspire.

First, we had the news a year or two back that there are now more people accessing the worldwide web via mobile than via desktop devices. Today, the latest mobile news is that Pizza Hut is pairing extra cheese with emojis in a customer giveaway campaign!

Jokes aside, that really is big news. Just when you thought the real and virtual worlds’ collision stopped at Pokemon Go, mobile’s emojis and the fast food industry’s mainstay of melted cheese have been combined into one amazing offering sure to go down well with consumers.

No doubt we will see more of this seamless consumerism that so cleverly taps into our love affair with mobile. So what else will we see next year, in mobile year 2018?

Julie Bernard, writing in the US’s ‘Advertising Age’, believes that we’ll see a spectrum of in-store, traditional e-commerce, website and mobile combinations – just like in the Pizza Hit example given above.

“For the mobile customer, the playing field is wide open,” she writes. For mobile marketers, this purchase-boundary shift represents a special opportunity to innovate, marrying the best of both the physical and digital worlds.

According to people like Bernard, the way mobile marketers will take this transformation forward is to intensify our commitment to “seamless, location-informed, and positive brand experiences … wherever and whenever the consumer engages.” Bring on 2018!



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