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With the remnants of Halloween still lurking around neighborhoods across the length and breadth of the country, it’s tempting to come up with a few scary facts about mobile marketing in today’s blog.

This is not to say mobile is scary. What’s really scary is the fact that even though you are highly-likely to be reading this post on a mobile device like a tablet or smartphone, a whopping 32% of companies have NOT integrated mobile marketing into their overall marketing strategy ( says 68% have).

Indeed, what keeps the folks at InTarget up at night are more shockers like 29% of marketers believe mobile is not central to their business and 42% of companies do NOT have a dedicated mobile marketing team. Forget the monsters hiding under the bed, they’re in boardrooms across the country with their eyes shut and their brains closed to mobile marketing’s potential.

Let’s not dwell on the mobile spooky and rather focus on the mobile positive today. In this regard, InTarget would like to share three mobile tips with those of us who have recognised the awesome power and potential of mobile marketing. These are originally, and tweaked by us for local readers:

Once you’ve made the decision to go mobile, decide to also implement a mobile customer loyalty scheme. You’ll need to do some Googling but there are many different ideas for different industries that you can replicate. For example, a restaurant reservation app might offer some kind of dining rewards program.

Secondly, research what local mobile directories your business can join. For South African firms, Google Local and Yelp are well-used by businesses in this country.

Related to the above, research how to make Google Landing Pages for your local businesses. This is especially useful if you have multiple business branches as you can make a landing page for each one. Good luck with your (smart) decision to go mobile!



Henk Auret
Chief Officer: Strategy at InTarget Mobile Advertising at InTarget Mobile Advertising Solutions


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