Five Things That Matter in Mobile

Five Things That Matter in Mobile

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Many unexpected pearls of wisdom have found their way onto these pages in the course of researching the required content. We thought it might be useful to readers if we recapped what we believe are five of the choicest pieces of mobile advice given in 2017.

1. Technology Matters

Technology matters for the overall ad experience. This is why it pays to partner with specialist mobile ad consultancies that have years of solid technical experience. Tech matters because speed and how fast pages render are important when considering the ad consumption ecosystem. It’s unforgivable to lose eyes on screens simply because your mobile marketing loads too slowly.

2. Mobile is the Centrepiece

Mobile is no longer the afterthought it used to be. Far from from being just an element of the overall plan, mobile is now the centrepiece. As mobile marketers, we had to work so hard just to be included in those regular agency status meetings. Today, mobile is the glue that holds all of the consumer’s purchase-related decisions and actions together.

3. Mobile is not just for Corporates

We learnt earlier this year that mobile is not only for large enterprises. With an experienced mobile partner like InTarget, small business owners can easily ramp up that bulk SMS campaign and turn it into a real, multifaceted mobile strategy. We can make a ten-person SME look like a 1 000-person corporation with all the associated reputitonal benefits.

4. Add Video Now

Adding video to mobile marketing messages boosts customer engagement by around a third. The challenge now is to decide whether or not to include audio as many potential customers are, for various reasons, watching mobile videos with the audio turned off. Audio has become so non-central to the overall experience that Google announced this year that the version of Google Chrome which is being released in January 2018, will only allow videos to start auto playing that do not have sound.

5. Automate it

Smart brands are already investigating automation. Mass blasting your users with generic content is a tired tactic. Instead, forward-thinking marketers are beginning to look at automation in a new light as it becomes clear that machine-learning can help provide personalised content to mobile users.




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