Chatbots, Automation And Self-service Should Be On Your Mobile ‘to Do’ List

Chatbots, Automation And Self-service Should Be On Your Mobile ‘to Do’ List

Spring has sprung and this much-anticipated annual event on everyone’s calendar means there are now just four months to go until the end of the year. Of course, this also means that there are a mere 120 days left to refine your brand’s approach to mobile marketing, if you haven’t already done so.

As we have said before, there really is no need to panic if you haven’t got all your mobile ducks in a row. The past is done. What’s important is to get moving on mobile now. Let’s forget about rehashing such illustrative stats as there are more people accessing the web via mobile than via desktop (that’s been the case globally for at least two years) and 80% of people have their cellphones within a metre of them most of their waking (and sleeping) day.

We’ve discussed some mobile marketing plan fundamentals before that would have included such ‘to do list’ items for savvy brand managers as the absolute necessity of building a scaled-down mobile version of your website and the need to investigate location-based campaigns that help you connect with current and potential customers when they’re in your brand’s physical sphere of influence.

So, to add to your already lengthy mobile to do list, here are some little-known, up-and-coming mobile must-haves that are worthy of investigation before the end of 2017. Firstly, chatbots are becoming big. Forbes magazines already predicted some time back that, in 2017, more brands will be able to serve consumers using conversational interfaces.

Secondly, investigate automation. Sorry we can’t be more specific here, save to say that smart apps are ushering in an era of mass automation. Mass blasting your users with generic content is a tired tactic. Instead, forward-thinking marketers are beginning to look at automation in a new light.

Finally, self-service remains forever ‘in’. And in this regard, InTarget Mobile Advertising has developed a state-of-the-art self service portal for its clients that enable them to get to grips with their mobile campaigns in realtime. By logging on to clients can view the kind of reporting statistics that bring campaigns to life while enabling them to make certain tweaks to boost results even further.



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