Three On-target Mobile Video Tips From Intarget

Three On-target Mobile Video Tips From Intarget

Mobile Marketing Watch says we’ll be spending a fairly significant 47 minutes a day watching online videos by the end of 2017. I found this statistic particularly interesting because one would have thought that it would be higher by now.

Still, it does go to show what we’ve said many times before on this blog: video is huge, it’s growing, and it’s an area that absolutely demands attention from mobile marketers.

The often-quoted statistic is that adding video to mobile marketing messages boosts engagement by customers by upwards of 30%. That alone is a compelling reason to add video to the mobile marketing mix. However, before you rush out there and go wild with the camcorder app, consider this sage advice about video in mobile marketing:

  • Mobile technology has led to a fundamental shift in consumer behaviour that requires businesses to tell an emotional story quickly. The best way to do this is to lead with video because it produces the best conversion and engagement rates. Therefore, video tip number one is to “create to convert”.
  • Video thumbnails, or small details of a video, can make or break your video’s chances of getting clicks. So make sure your video thumbnail attracts people to click on it while also sticking around to watch the entire video.
  • You can use YouTube to improve your video’s SEO. YouTube offers excellent SEO potential, provided you can optimise your video description. To do this, you can insert a link where you want to send your traffic at the top of the description. You can also use target keywords. However, ensure they show up in the first 25 words of the description. In addition, the main keyword should appear up to four times.

Brands need to optimise video content to stand out and engage new customers. The three simple tips above are a great starting point. For tips four and onwards, come speak to InTarget Mobile Advertising.



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