Still Time To Optimise For Mobile

Still Time To Optimise For Mobile

We quote so many facts and statistics with foreign origins in this blog that it’s a refreshing and positive change to have some local stats to highlight.

The 2017 South African Mobile Report, by PricewaterhouseCooper’s (PwC), reveals that nearly half of the respondents use their mobile phones for two and a half hours per day. That was particularly interesting for me as I read this very morning that a study by UK firm TextLocal found that young mobile users in that country use their phones for an average of five hours a day.

With relatively few SA mobile users having work or home access to a desktop or laptop computer, I doubt UK mobile users really do use their phones twice as much as their local counterparts. The difference in the two figures is most possibly due to differences in study methodology.

An additional interesting local mobile-related statistic has to do with SA cell users using their mobiles for web access. Fully 40% of respondents said they use their handsets for Internet usage and the latter typically amounts to paying bills and engaging in other types of mobile commerce.

If fully 4 out of 10 SA cellphone users are well-versed in m-commerce then doesn’t it make sense for your firm to be well-versed in mobile marketing? Of course it does and InTarget can show you what to do. The first thing your business needs to do to get m-ready is to take steps to optimise your operations for mobile.

With mobile, new opportunities arise to communicate with your customers but this means you need to make a commitment to provide personalised information, products and services that add value to your mobile customers daily experiences of your brand. Optimising for mobile will help change the business / consumer relationship for the better because it will enable seamless purchasing on the go and the instant gratification that comes from purchasing highly-personalised product and services.



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