Mobile Enables Customer Engagement In Really Cool Ways

Mobile Enables Customer Engagement In Really Cool Ways

Watchwords come and go and two of the latest words we hear often in business lately are ‘customer engagement’. Of course, this might be the catchphrase of the moment but customer engagement really just means you care enough about your clients to reach out to them in ways that matter to them. This is simply good business practice. What else does customer engagement really mean?

We like a simple definition provided by the business resource platform, According to this sage provider of sensible information, customer engagement is basically “any strategy you implement that will attract your targeted audience”. To InTarget, this screams mobile marketing.

If you’re still unsure about the need to optimise your business strategy for mobile, here are two more great reasons your firm needs to get cracking and partner with the right mobile marketing provider:

  1. Mobile is where customers are. There’s no way of saying this in any other way: everyone you need to speak to has a cellphone. According to some sources, the average consumer is spending three hours a day on mobile. We think it is much, much higher with South African cellular users checking their mobile handsets at least every few minutes throughout the day. Now, aside from simply checking text message and WhatsApp icons, they’re also increasingly turning to their mobiles to conduct purchasing research and make decisions.
  1. Mobile users love emails. We don’t know why, but there’s something fabulous and very nifty about checking emails on a mobile device. A mobile strategy can really help you maximise your firm’s email marketing effort because clever mobile firms have come up with such smart services as payment-enabled emails and SMSs. According to, “mobile payments provide consumers with ease-of-use, convenience, speed, and a certain intangible known as the ‘cool factor’”.



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