First With Last Year’s Mobile Tips!

First With Last Year’s Mobile Tips!

As the year has now firmly passed the midway point and we close in on the last few months of 2017, it’s tempting to take another look at the tips mobile marketers were providing as the year got underway.

As we review the sage advice of 2016 for 2017, we are reminded that there were the usual favourites that appeared to be cut and pasted from one media platform to the next. Advice like enable opt-in advertising seemed obvious – albeit crucial – and the same was true for such sound advice like optimising campaigns for location-based advertising. This is a great way to get in front of users at the moment they are in your brand’s area of operations.

One particular bit of advice caught our eye as we reviewed advice provided to mobile marketers in 2016 about this year. One marketing thinker mentioned how emerging markets can influence mobile strategies in positive ways. The only thing is China, India, Brazil and Russia were the countries highlighted as offering great opportunities for mobile advertising.

We can’t argue with the inclusion of at least one of those mobile territories, but at least one or two others are in a terrible state and we wonder if the risk justifies the reward. Perhaps things looked rosier in 2016. It seems bizarre, especially for a successful and growing organisation like InTarget, for any mobile marketing guru to give the entire continent of Africa a miss in a serious discussion of current and future mobile opportunities. And the Middle East for that matter too.

How do you sideline a billion people and expect yourself to be taken seriously?




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