Slow Off The Mark Could Yield Fast Dividends

Slow Off The Mark Could Yield Fast Dividends

As we come to the end of June and the halfway point of what just a few months ago still felt like a new year, its natural to wonder what has been accomplished thus far.

On the mobile marketing front, we are reminded that our chosen discipline is roughly comprised of two primary segments, so to speak.

We have the planning phase and we have implementation. Of course, there’s also the highly-detailed reporting that mobile marketing is famous for. There’s no other area of marketing specialisation where one can drill down into the numbers quite as spectacularly as in mobile – but another time for that!

So by this halfway point in the year, brand owners and their agencies should ideally have completed the planning phase involved in executing an effective mobile campaign. I say ‘ideally’ because, as we are about to find out, all is not lost if there’s been no movement whatsoever on the mobile marketing front within your organisation.

Being slow off the starting blocks is not a great position to be in, but sometimes it just happens – perhaps there’s been an internal restructuring in this difficult economic climate, perhaps your RFP became a much more lengthy document that you intended. The important thing is that any position can be salvaged.

There are some great advantages to only starting the planning phase of a mobile strategy halfway through the year:

1. You get to gather some fantastic market intelligence about what works and what doesn’t, all without having to spend a cent. True, your competitors might have scored big with their early riser mobile campaigns. Equally, they may have taught the market an expensive lesson, all on their own budget and time.

2. As a relative latecomer, you may be able to negotiate great deals for your mobile campaign with media owners and others. They may be extra motivated to get some extra revenue on board midway through the year.

3. With all bets already placed, you may be in a position to take advantage of any new media opportunities that appear. Innovation in mobile is always on the go, and six months back is a long time. There’s a very good chance you may be first on a hot new mobile property just because you entered late in the game.

Bearing the above in mind to keep motivated and then partnering with a mobile specialist like InTarget will ensure those brands that were slow off the mark end up in pole position. Go for it!



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