Mobile Marketing – What Clients Need To Know

Mobile Marketing – What Clients Need To Know

It occurred to me that so much of what mobile marketers says is directed to other marketers. Whether it’s presenting at the annual mix of industry conferences, or writing on business-related blogs, often the mobile marketer’s audience is other mobile marketers.

It is with this thought in mind that today’s blog topic is aimed squarely at the mobile marketer’s raison d’être: our clients. Most clients new to mobile marketing tend to equate mobile campaigns with SMS and that’s perfectly acceptable. The text message was the original mobile marketing tactical instrument and with SMS coupon redemption rates as high as 30% to 50%, it remains a vital part of any mobile marketer’s arsenal.

So clients are familiar with SMS, and no doubt it’s cousin the wildly-popular Please Call Me text tag ad, but what else do they need to know about mobile? Possibly the most important thing clients need to know about mobile is that it’s not the future, it’s already arrived! If brand managers and owners haven’t already embarked on a mobile strategy, they’re already trailing behind the competition. The mere fact that the number of people accessing the web via mobile devices overtook people accessing the web via desktop many months ago, means clients need to get serious about mobile.

The world’s changing fast and you risk being responsible for your company’s demise within the next 24 months if you don’t get with mobile within the next 24 hours.

The next thing clients need to know – and this one may seem obvious – is that mobile is not just about marketing on a cellphone. Other mobile devices like tablets also need their fair share of attention for a mobile campaign to be successful. Why is this? Well, people browse 70% more web pages on tablets compared to smartphones. And, retail conversion rates are 2.2% on tablets as opposed to 0.7% on smartphones. Imaginatrix can design and implement compelling mobile marketing campaigns that display equally well on smartphones, tablets and other devices – and boast conversion rates that will keep any client happy!



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