Few Marketers Know How To Capitalise On Mobile, Let Us Show You How

Few Marketers Know How To Capitalise On Mobile, Let Us Show You How

As we kick-off a brand new working week, it’s apt that we get right to the point of this brand new installment of our blog: new research by Oracle indicates that despite all the numbers showing that smartphone use is now ubiquitous amongst consumers, the data indicates that few marketers know how to capitalise on this new consumer reality. Essentially, marketers have been unable to clear away the fog of hype to be able to make the appropriate investments in mobile marketing.

However, the same cannot be said of marketers who partner with mobile advertising and marketing specialists like InTarget. A specialist is always better than a generalist and we have almost two decades experience of conceptualising, building and implementing effective mobile campaigns.

So what is it we actually do, you may ask, to capitalise on the continent’s growing mobile base? We serve two billion mobile ads mentioning our clients’ brands every month! InTarget’s flagship mobile marketing product, so to speak, is the ‘Please Call Me’ series of text tag ads and is responsible for the lion’s share of ads served.

Related to this, InTarget is a well-known designer of mobile campaigns centered on mobile network operator (MNO) System Messaging alerts. System Messaging includes network notifications such as Please Call Me, Missed Call Alert and Sponsored Calls. We love centering campaigns around these because the consumer receives loads of them, and doesn’t view them as intrusive because they simultaneously convey useful network information.

More information on our specific client services are available on this website. However, we’d like to add in closing that it is vitally important for marketers to invest in a mobile-friendly website and this is another area where InTarget can render expert advice. For many marketers, half or more of their companies’ website visits come from mobile devices in 2017. We can advise brands on the current trend of developing one ‘mobile-first’ website that dramatically enhances the experience of the legions of mobile users now accessing more websites than desktop users.



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