App Personalisation Boosts Mobile Engagement

App Personalisation Boosts Mobile Engagement

In this blog, we’ve often written about what could be called the ‘core’ of mobile marketing: personalisation. Mobile marketing both enables greater personalisation of consumer-focused messages, and it is also key to a successful mobile campaign.

It is interesting to note, then, an article this week in business bible, Forbes. It says that after analysing millions of mobile interactions, one marketing firm found that “personalised content inside push notifications boosts engagement four times.”

This alludes to something mobile marketers are discovering to their great excitement and that is the modern app is smarter than its ancestors. After several years of evolving and fine-tuning, it is now able to effectively personalise content down to the individual user rather than the broad segments that used to form the foundation of marketing theory.

With all of the above in mind, here are the top three predictions from Forbes for why 2017 will be the year of the smart app – they make for interesting reading:

1. Smart Apps Will Showcase Predictive Analytics: Predictive analytics will enable apps to anticipate and react to a user’s desires before they’re even expressed.

2. Smart Apps Will Make Chatbots Ubiquitous: In 2017, more brands will be able to serve consumers using conversational interfaces across the app.

3. Smart Apps Will Usher In Mass Adoption Of Automation: Mass blasting your users with generic content is a tired tactic. Instead, forward-thinking marketers are beginning to look at automation in a new light.

The final word today belongs to Forbes: “With (personalised) intelligence, mobile-savvy brands can communicate more effectively with users.”



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