Video-watching Consumers Stay On Mobile Sites Longer

Video-watching Consumers Stay On Mobile Sites Longer

A new working year has commenced. Along with the new year comes the usual and necessary review of the year that was, and predictions of the coming year. When it comes to taking stock of 2016, we have to mention that the stand-out biggest thing for mobile marketing was the news that the tipping point had finally been reached. Or, desktop’s superiority was finally breached!

For the first time ever, the number of human beings accessing the worldwide web via mobile devices exceeded the number of clearly late adopters accessing the Internet via desktop computers. With a fixed / mobile development that significant, it’s almost appropriate to simply disregard whatever else happened in mobile’s 2016.

So speaking of earth-shattering developments, what’s the biggest thing mobile marketers and brand owners can expect in 2017? Here at InTarget, we’re big into video and believe in the potential video formats have for mobile marketing. This is especially true when it comes to boosting brands’ goodwill amongst consumers. Everyone loves sharing a warm and fuzzy moving picture with a brand name tastefully tagged to it.

US Marketers agree that videos bring the highest ROI and in that market, well over 70 percent of all traffic is already video. We believe that South Africa will reach a video tipping point in 2016 that will see the lion’s share of mobile traffic going video in 2017.

Not only are social platforms like Facebook helping to grow the adoption of video by optimising feeds to improve the viewing experience, one must remember that Google owns YouTube. The implications of this are obvious: having more videos improves brands’ SEO results as Google is increasingly favouring them in search results.

Even more interesting is the fact that visitors who view videos stay on mobile sites two minutes longer than those who don’t watch videos. For 2017, make sure to integrate a video content strategy into your overarching mobile marketing plan.

This means brand owners really need to firstly, haul out their cameras to start filming, and secondly, partner with a trusted mobile marketing advisor to ensure they’re always shooting in the right direction.



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