Intarget On Top With Widest Mobile Reach

Intarget On Top With Widest Mobile Reach

Many blog readers will be familiar with the fact that InTarget is entrusted with the achievement of the mobile marketing objectives of some of Africa’s most valuable brands. Whether venerable finance houses, large footprint retailers, critical fuel companies or state-of-the-art start ups, InTarget regularly gets the call to design bespoke mobile campaigns that deliver on overarching strategic objectives.

Some readers, however, might not be entirely clear on why exactly InTarget is most often selected as the preferred mobile marketing partner of leading organisations across two continents. We’re one of the Top 25 African & Middle Eastern Mobile Ad Networks because we have the unique ability to offer short codes in over 41 African markets and commercial SMS delivery capability to over 200 countries globally. In essence, InTarget can take your great mobile campaign idea and turn it into a commercial reality faster than anyone else.

In addition to providing ever-popular SMS short code plug-and-play solutions, InTarget is also the preferred partner for multinationals looking for fast, reliable and affordable VAS aggregation services across Africa. For example, we can offer brands a single USSD integration that taps into the awesome potential of tens of millions of potential customers across nine leading African mobile territories.

Our solid relationships with dozens of mobile operators have been cemented over 15 years and this radically reduces the amount of time it takes to get your message to consumers. InTarget is today a trusted provider of mobile marketing and advertising solutions with a 33-country African and Middle East footprint and we look forward to providing your brand with unparalleled mobile flexibility and speed of implementation.



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