Video In Mobile Marketing Continues To Expand

Video In Mobile Marketing Continues To Expand
At the end of last year we wrote about the incredible expansion of video in mobile marketing and pointed out the little-known fact that YouTube is the second-biggest search engine after Google. As the use of video expands and marketers incorporate more video in their mobile campaigns, it is pertinent to remember that a short 60-second video has the same impact as literally tens of thousands of worlds, and possibly more when you add emotional impact.
To quote eMarketer, a great resource often referenced on this site, a whopping one-third of the entire US population is already watching “video content on a mobile phone at least once a month.” South Africa may lag in some areas, but certainly not in mobile, so there’s no reason to suspect our mobile video viewing stats would differ wildly.
When the client brief demands it, InTarget is able to work with a host of content providers to execute multimedia campaigns across our various mobile marketing bearers and publishing platforms. We’ve built up a formidable amount of knowledge when it comes to knowing what video content works on which bearers and platforms. If your own client, or employer, is delaying the move to producing video for mobile campaigns, here’s a few points to let them chew on:
Video Displays Perfectly Across Different Devices
When visiting a website using a laptop, tablet or smartphone very often the text doesn’t look great or very readable, even on some sites that are supposedly optimised for mobile. The opposite is true for video. It always look great and there are no screen size limitations that affect mobile phones and which can limit the effectiveness of text-based marketing messages.
Video is Wonderfully User Friendly
Because the ‘Play’ button appears right in the middle of a video, potential customers know exactly what to do when they see a video load on their mobile device. Hitting Play is so intuitive so it makes it very easy for prospects to engage with your marketing message.
Consumers Want to Share Video
JPEGS used to be the content to share via email. Today, it’s so easy to share video through WhatsApp, Messenger, email and more. Consumers are always on the look-out for interesting content to post on social media and generally share with friends. If your brand can produce that ‘share-worthy’ content, you’ve won half the battle.

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