Mobile Marketers Should Take A Walk On The Wild Side (Now & Again)

Mobile Marketers Should Take A Walk On The Wild Side (Now & Again)
While much innovation typically springs from the corporate sector, business people are naturally conservative. This cautious approach comes from the basic business need to make scarce resources work as efficiently as possible to deliver the best results. That’s the essence of capitalism.
It’s natural then for the mobile marketer, who is a business person after all, to want to revert to mobile tactics that work. There’s nothing wrong with this approach besides the obvious downside of never exploring beyond the old reliable mobile channels of SMS and Please Call Me text tags. These are wonderful tactical tools, but as we have seen from the launch last year of InTarget’s USSD-based mobile research survey product, for example, there is so much more brands could be doing with the mobile marketing technology that’s available from world-leading specialist firms like InTarget right here in South Africa.
With the above in mind, did you know that brands can create rich mobile experiences for their customers based on location and proximity? InTarget is able to bring location-powered mobile marketing to consumers using micro-location Bluetooth technology as well as macro-location geofencing. Our location and proximity mobile engagement platform can be tweaked to build rich, intelligent and compelling mobile experiences and campaigns to cellular users in the right place and at the right time.
For example, a location-based mobile marketing campaign developed by InTarget could mean a conference organiser might provide attendees with a greeting when they land at the airport, the details of the closest driver to escort them to their hotel, and check-in information as they approach the venue’s concierge. Once settled in their rooms, information about available poolside cocktails might also be pushed to attendees’ mobile phones. Dependent on the mobile user’s macro and micro locations, information can be customised according to time of day and other set parameters.
The continual evolution of mobile technology means customer experiences like the ones described above are already available to the astute marketer with a penchant for the innovative.



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