Mobile Marketing To The Captive Customer

Mobile Marketing To The Captive Customer
You’d think that In-App marketing would attract more attention from mobile marketers. I mean, it really does tick all the boxes. You have a captive customer that you know a lot about based on plenty of hard facts and statistics collected during one or several browsing sessions and you have the ability to deliver them the marketing holy grail of instant gratification with very little action required on their part.
Unfortunately, as with many campaigns out there in the world of traditional marketing and advertising, the lion’s share of budgets continues to be devoted to winning new customers. There is very little attention given to up-selling existing customers and one can only surmise that loyalty-based tactical campaigns don’t deliver as many accolades as a powerful piece of brand-building television work.
Let’s take a step back and outline exactly what we mean by in-app purchases. With in-app marketing, brands can create personalised messages that focus on the specific and unique needs of customers at the best time of contact. Essentially, in-app marketing delivers personalised product or service-related content and messaging directly to a consumer’s device within a particular mobile marketing application that the consumer is currently interacting with. Marketers can leverage the vast amounts of insight already collected on the customer to deliver targeted offers and then closely monitor customer interactions to gain insights and feedback for future communication.
In conclusion, the power of this form of mobile marketing lies in the ability to offer the right product, at the right time, to the right consumer and all of this is based on the best predictor of future behaviour: past behaviour.



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