Immediate Action Ability A Boon For Marketers

Immediate Action Ability A Boon For Marketers

Immediate gratification has to be one of the most outstanding features of the world we live in today. In centuries – or even decades – past practically every call to action was by necessity followed by a significant amount of preparation. Imagine the act of making what is today a simple cup of coffee in 1780. The decision to drink coffee was not followed by the flip of a switch and the consumption of the beverage within a minute or two. It was followed by the making of a fire to boil the water needed in the preparation of coffee, and plenty of steps after that. You had to really be convinced in 1816 that you wanted coffee.

Today, you might say that consumer consumption is a lot more frivolous. Not only have technological advances made access to desired goods and services so much easier, leading to much more rapid consumption after the decision is made, other recent modern developments such as consumer protection legislation have virtually eliminated the purchase risk for consumers. So the point of another lengthy introduction on this blog is that modern mobile marketers really don’t know how fortunate they are to be interacting with consumers in 2016 that have the means to make immediate consumption decisions, followed by very rapid consumption of what’s been purchased.

However, to take full advantage of the immediate action by consumers that is now possible thanks to mobile and other technology, marketers need to keep a few things top of mind. The first is what marketing textbooks, business gurus and your own common sense has been telling you all along: care enough to make things relevant to the individual consumer, or, understand that consumers want area-specific content that speaks specifically to them. Hammering this point home is the fact that a recent Google study revealed that 40 percent of all mobile searches were made with the intent of achieving local information.

Secondly, mobile marketers need to shape their mobile marketing platforms around their target market’s search behaviour. This is because over 50% of mobile search users admit to making a purchase based on the results of their search. Mobile content needs to be based upon a deeper understanding of the mobile user’s context.

Finally, keep in mind what are termed ‘adjacent market features’. This simply refers to other industries that your consumer is interested in. Knowing what businesses relate to yours and providing that information to consumers is one of the best ways to get an edge. Don’t confine your mobile marketing to your industry and your product or service will stand out.

Marius du Plessis
Chief Officer Technical at InTarget Mobile Advertising Solutions
I am a driven team leader with extensive leadership and management skills. I believe in motivation through leading by example and being actively involved within my work teams.
Through my years of experience and education I've become an expert business and process analyst with the ability to break problems into modular solutions as well as driving change management within an organisation.
I have mastered project management through practical project planning, project specification (functional and technical) and project management skills with extensive experience and knowledge of project management. My skills also include being a facilitator of Project Management training programmes certified by the South African Qualifications Authority.
Through years of team work and leadership I have cultivated great people skills. I am a good listener and facilitator.
I instill stability and confidence within the teams and colleagues I work with through my own self confidence and proficiency.
My personal objectives have always been providing my extensive skills and leadership through a key role player positions within international leading companies.
I am passionate about introducing and enhancing communities through the implementation of technology through schools and educational environments.
To be involved with the implementation and expansion of environmentally friendly technology and solutions that help preserve the ecology of the planet is a personal vision and goal.


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