South Africa’s Mobile Market Booked For A Check-up

South Africa’s Mobile Market Booked For A Check-up

News this week is that the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) is, for the first time ever, attempting to ascertain the state of mobile marketing in South Africa and the rest of the EMEA region. Assisted by the MMA’s South African Local Council, the survey results will serve as a snapshot of the market right now, as well as help assess future growth prospects.

For an industry that continues to hammer home the importance of a plan, or blueprint, before you embark on anything, it’s great news that the MMA’s SA Local Council is staying true to the fundamentals of mobile marketing. The South African market is a key mobile player – especially if one looks at volume metrics – and certainly deserves to be analysed, and recognised. After all, we practically invented prepaid mobile, refined mobile money, and developed such landmark products as Please Call Me that have found great acceptance North of the Limpopo. Our leading mobile network operators and top mobile marketing firms like InTarget have all expanded well beyond South Africa. Yes, it’s time indeed that our market was surveyed.

Only time will tell what the results of the MMA’s survey will reveal. However, as one of the founders of mobile marketing in this country, InTarget can make some pretty informed guesses. We believe the survey results will show that mobile is trusted by more South African consumers than any other marketing medium. This is due to the highly personalised nature of mobile campaigns that speak directly to individual consumers and do not employ a ‘one size fits all’ approach. It will furthermore be shown that each year the country’s leading brands are investing a greater proportion of their marketing budgets in mobile while traditional media’s share of the budget pie continues to decline. Finally, we believe that a paradigm shift in many instances has taken place. The maturing South African mobile marketing industry means that traditional media is increasingly being used as a support platform for mobile campaigns. Previously, it has always been the other way around, with traditional media calling the shots while mobile was used purely as a back-up medium.

We wait in anticipation!

Marius du Plessis
Chief Officer Technical at InTarget Mobile Advertising Solutions
I am a driven team leader with extensive leadership and management skills. I believe in motivation through leading by example and being actively involved within my work teams.
Through my years of experience and education I've become an expert business and process analyst with the ability to break problems into modular solutions as well as driving change management within an organisation.
I have mastered project management through practical project planning, project specification (functional and technical) and project management skills with extensive experience and knowledge of project management. My skills also include being a facilitator of Project Management training programmes certified by the South African Qualifications Authority.
Through years of team work and leadership I have cultivated great people skills. I am a good listener and facilitator.
I instill stability and confidence within the teams and colleagues I work with through my own self confidence and proficiency.
My personal objectives have always been providing my extensive skills and leadership through a key role player positions within international leading companies.
I am passionate about introducing and enhancing communities through the implementation of technology through schools and educational environments.
To be involved with the implementation and expansion of environmentally friendly technology and solutions that help preserve the ecology of the planet is a personal vision and goal.


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