One Stat Mobile Marketers Need To Know

One Stat Mobile Marketers Need To Know

Marketing in general, and mobile marketing in particular, runs on statistics. The fact that firms like InTarget can accurately measure such indices are clickthrough rates, average cost per user and others means that numbers feature prominently in mobile campaigns.

Many of us here at InTarget can quote the usual mobile marketing-related numbers with ease. For example, over 90 percent of adults keep their smartphones within reach and almost half of millennials check their phones within five minutes of waking. Stats like these have become such accepted wisdom that they’re often quoted and never credited.

A brand new statistic that caught my eye this past week is from Opera Mediaworks’ new report. Looking at data from the top 100 apps that use Opera’s mobile ad platform to monetise their traffic, it’s clear that mobile users are spending about 30 minutes each in popular apps. That’s really significant and especially good news for mobile marketers as this research seems to indicate that brands have got as long as half an hour to make an impression.

Other highlights from the research includes the fact that Games is the top category for ad impressions and also have long average session times. Ads also convert at a higher rate on Games apps than any other category. Music, Video & Media is no. 1 for engagement (as measured by clickthrough rate), followed by Travel and Lifestyle.

finally, although the volume of impressions on mobile apps versus the mobile web are comparable, apps generate more than twice the engagement and 13.5X times the revenue. Food for thought indeed and definitely stats to be bourn in mind when planning mobile campaigns.

Marius du Plessis
Chief Officer Technical at InTarget Mobile Advertising Solutions
I am a driven team leader with extensive leadership and management skills. I believe in motivation through leading by example and being actively involved within my work teams.
Through my years of experience and education I've become an expert business and process analyst with the ability to break problems into modular solutions as well as driving change management within an organisation.
I have mastered project management through practical project planning, project specification (functional and technical) and project management skills with extensive experience and knowledge of project management. My skills also include being a facilitator of Project Management training programmes certified by the South African Qualifications Authority.
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I instill stability and confidence within the teams and colleagues I work with through my own self confidence and proficiency.
My personal objectives have always been providing my extensive skills and leadership through a key role player positions within international leading companies.
I am passionate about introducing and enhancing communities through the implementation of technology through schools and educational environments.
To be involved with the implementation and expansion of environmentally friendly technology and solutions that help preserve the ecology of the planet is a personal vision and goal.


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