Mobile Shouldn’t Be An Afterthought

Mobile Shouldn’t Be An Afterthought reports an unfortunate fact that many mobile marketing industry professionals already know: mobile marketing is tacked on at the end of marketing campaigns and it is completely siloed.

Even though the customer is now completely mobile (weren’t we at over 130 percent mobile penetration about two years ago?), marketing to these highly-accessible potential clients still seems to be an afterthought. InTarget often encounters situations where internal talent to take advantage of the world’s fastest growing marketing channel is either woefully inadequate, or horribly underfunded. This reminds me of the days when the IT department was relegated to the basement and had to contend with overhead pipes and underfoot obstacles while wrestling with their daily tasks.
That mobile is often tacked onto the end of marketing plans without much thought, is clear from that fact that the internal mobile marketing team usually receives completely different creative elements. We’ve seen real disconnects in how the people managing the organisation’s email marketing efforts and website are expected to work when compared to the mobile marketing team – and then we still have the traditional media guys on top of that who tend to gobble up most of the time, resources and attention.
With so many cellular users who are also your current and potential customers, it really should be the other way around. It will be – partner with a dedicated external mobile marketing consultancy like InTarget and we’ll make mobile work for you, and give it the proper attention it deserves.

Marius du Plessis
Chief Officer Technical at InTarget Mobile Advertising Solutions
I am a driven team leader with extensive leadership and management skills. I believe in motivation through leading by example and being actively involved within my work teams.
Through my years of experience and education I've become an expert business and process analyst with the ability to break problems into modular solutions as well as driving change management within an organisation.
I have mastered project management through practical project planning, project specification (functional and technical) and project management skills with extensive experience and knowledge of project management. My skills also include being a facilitator of Project Management training programmes certified by the South African Qualifications Authority.
Through years of team work and leadership I have cultivated great people skills. I am a good listener and facilitator.
I instill stability and confidence within the teams and colleagues I work with through my own self confidence and proficiency.
My personal objectives have always been providing my extensive skills and leadership through a key role player positions within international leading companies.
I am passionate about introducing and enhancing communities through the implementation of technology through schools and educational environments.
To be involved with the implementation and expansion of environmentally friendly technology and solutions that help preserve the ecology of the planet is a personal vision and goal.


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