Five Good Reasons To Contract With A Great Mobile Marketing Partner

Five Good Reasons To Contract With A Great Mobile Marketing Partner

Africans in general and South Africans in particular tend to be a humble lot. You can see this in the business world where many of us are reluctant to receive public praise, no matter how well deserved. Cast an eye over to certain countries in the developed world and you’ll notice how different the business culture is with individuals eagerly trying to lap up as much of the limelight as possible.

I was thinking of this difference as I watched The Donald singing his own praises on the news this morning. After I stopped laughing, I must admit I thought to myself, perhaps South Africans and South African businesses do need to promote themselves a little harder. So, with this in mind, below are some very forthright reasons why your brand should partner with InTarget:

  • We’re the best. Seriously. But read on for a little more detail on why we’re awesome and how that awesomeness can count for you.
  •  We can measure everything! One of the biggest benefits of partnering with InTarget is the measurability of our campaigns. For scientific marketers interested in a stats-based approach, mobile marketing by InTarget will appeal. We can track number of downloads, recurrent usage, time spent, click through rates, leads generated, social media sharing, cost per conversion and more.
  •  We are everyone’s mobile marketing partner of choice. While InTarget has crafted effective mobile campaigns for some of the African continent’s best-known insurance, banking and automotive brands, we’ve also worked with start-ups who needed a bespoke and humble beachhead into the world of mobile marketing.
  •  We are a ‘can-do’ company. InTarget offers clients a flexible ‘can do’ attitude that says we’re willing to design something just for you.
  • We specialise in mobile marketing but we are experienced marketers. We can provide you with a branding framework that addresses all marketing platforms and uses mobile marketing to tie it all together.



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