Mobile Marketing In Living Colour

Mobile Marketing In Living Colour

Much of the content of this blog has addressed the theory behind mobile marketing and why campaigns conducted on, or accessed by, mobile devices are likely to be such resounding successes. We’ve looked at the most popular bearers used in mobile marketing campaigns such as USSD, MMS, SMS and Please Call Me tags, for example, that InTarget uses to deliver results for its valued clients.

So with this solid grounding firmly in place, perhaps it is time we presented some real life examples of mobile marketing campaigns that went above and beyond the expectations of brand custodians across different industries. This might also spark some ideas as to how similar campaigns could be conducted in the South African market.

Mobile case study #1: MasterCard proved just how powerful location-based mobile campaigns can be when it comes to encouraging consumers to access existing marketing platforms. The payment solutions provider ran a mobile campaign as part of its overarching Priceless Cities campaign. MasterCard developed a mobile app solution that allowed cardholders to tap into the Priceless website using their mobile devices. Then, depending on their location, they were able to access curated dining, entertainment, travel and sport experiences. Essentially, contextual data was leveraged to ensure the offers were relevant according to user location, input and other parameters. Promotional offers were integrated into the campaign for added uptake.

Mobile case study #2: Deodorant brand Axe combined QR codes with a social media platform to drive brand engagement. By making smart use of QR codes, video content and Facebook pages, Axe achieved a 33% increase in social interaction with its brand, as well as a 52% increase in Facebook interaction such as likes, postings and views. Let’s take a quick look at how they did it. This risqué ‘Peephole’ campaign targeted its demographic of young men with a revealing video that suddenly stops, prompting viewers to continue the experience at the brand’s Facebook page. Once on the social networking site, users could unlock more daring videos by sharing the experiences with their friends. The campaign worked by reminding viewers that you need AXE to get in on the action.

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