Intarget Understands Small Business

Intarget Understands Small Business

According to mobile marketing commentator Craig Hagopian writing in the Luxury Mail, “the traditional mobile advertising ecosystem misunderstands the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.”

That may be true in the United States where big conglomerates dominate commerce and industry and employ the majority of workers. South African SMEs, on the other hand, contribute almost two-thirds to the country’s total employment statistics (according to the Journal of the Global Accounting Alliance).

The important SME market segment is well-served by South Africa’s corporate entities. Banks, for example, have designed transactional products and services perfectly suited to the smaller business (think of such innovations as the Payment Pebble from ABSA), SA’s telcos have introduced mobile data options that make connecting a small business using 3G viable, and so on.

InTarget, for its part, offers SMEs flexibility and a ‘can do’ attitude that says we’re willing to design something just for you. Our range of mobile marketing solutions are easily-tailored towards the needs of small and medium-sized firms. Indeed, the fact that mobile marketing enables the minimum of spending wastage means it is well-suited to the smaller start-up on a tight budget.

Here’s three quick reasons for the small businessperson to approach talk to us about mobile marketing:

InTarget can provide you with a branding framework that uses mobile marketing to tie it all together, we can help you leverage existing assets to save time and money (eg: existing client databases), and finally, we can provide highly-granular analysis tools that you can access yourself at anytime using the web.

Marius du Plessis
Chief Officer Technical at InTarget Mobile Advertising Solutions
I am a driven team leader with extensive leadership and management skills. I believe in motivation through leading by example and being actively involved within my work teams.
Through my years of experience and education I've become an expert business and process analyst with the ability to break problems into modular solutions as well as driving change management within an organisation.
I have mastered project management through practical project planning, project specification (functional and technical) and project management skills with extensive experience and knowledge of project management. My skills also include being a facilitator of Project Management training programmes certified by the South African Qualifications Authority.
Through years of team work and leadership I have cultivated great people skills. I am a good listener and facilitator.
I instill stability and confidence within the teams and colleagues I work with through my own self confidence and proficiency.
My personal objectives have always been providing my extensive skills and leadership through a key role player positions within international leading companies.
I am passionate about introducing and enhancing communities through the implementation of technology through schools and educational environments.
To be involved with the implementation and expansion of environmentally friendly technology and solutions that help preserve the ecology of the planet is a personal vision and goal.


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