Building Trust Should Be Central To Mobile Marketing

Building Trust Should Be Central To Mobile Marketing
A Bank of America vice-president describes the mobile phone, and by extension the marketing that it enables, as “the most personal, most relevant communications device in the history of mankind.”

It is strange then, that although marketers are prioritising mobile marketing and increasing their budgets, they are failing to establish good connections with consumers.
This was a conversation topic during a morning panel discussion at the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. According to panel participants, the idea that brands need to win consumers’ trust stems from the fact that mobile is a very personal experience.
What came through in Barcelona is that the industry needs to do a better job explaining and illustrating the value exchange, basically, what’s in mobile marketing for the consumer.
All of this is no surprise really and it simply speaks to the relative newness of the discipline. It could be argued that the traditional broadsheet newspaper – we’re talking here Business Day or the New York Times, not the Daily Sun – is the most trusted form of media today.
That’s not surprising as quality newspapers have had several hundred years to establish their credentials. And when it comes to individual consumers of newspapers, one paper might have had as many as several decades to build a relationship with a reader.
So the trust challenge has been set and now it’s up to brands and their trusted mobile marketing advisors like InTarget to rise to it.



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