Three Unique Advantages Of Mobile Marketing

Three Unique Advantages Of Mobile Marketing

One overseas study indicated that the single greatest contributor to overall performance when it came to different marketing channels was the newness of a particular channel. Essentially, the ‘physics of media’ indicate that the new channel has the biggest advantage. That’s great news for the sparkly relative newcomer that is mobile marketing, but it’s also kind of intuitive. What are the more specific and tangible reasons brands should give mobile a whirl? Let’s look at three that immediately come to mind.

1. Mobile users feel they have become part of the brand as opposed to being some distant consumer bombarded with messages that are far from tailored. This is possible because of the interactive and engaging multimedia content that is mobile’s biggest edge over traditional advertising. Because mobile marketing messages are being received on very personal devices that have become extensions of us, mobile allows consumers to internalise brands and all their positive attributes.

2. Related to the above, interactive content allows mobile users to stay highly engaged with a brand. It is this unparalleled degree of engagement that can’t be matched by a print advert or a billboard that enables effective learning and later recall to take place. They key is also that mobile’s many different bearers and platforms mean that boredom is limited. A consumer might receive a Please Call Me message with a text tag, followed up with an MMS that’s later reinforced with a promotional banner ad.

3. One of mobile’s biggest benefits is its measurability. And not only can mobile marketing efforts be measured, they can be measured across a wide variety of useful indices. For scientific marketers interested in a stats-based approach, mobile marketing is a discipline that will appeal. Brands can choose any one of these metrics to determine if they’re making their mark: number of downloads, recurrent usage, time spent, click through rates, leads generated, social media sharing, cost per conversion and more.



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