Mobile Is The Closest Brands Can Get To The Customer

Mobile Is The Closest Brands Can Get To The Customer

It seems that just over two decades ago, South African executives were just starting to learn about cellular after Vodacom and MTN’s commercial launch in 1994. It seems so long ago that the corporate world was battling to get its collective head around such new concepts as voicemail, dropped calls and text messaging.

Today, things have gotten even more interesting and a lot more promising as mobile marketing – or the kind of marketing enabled by cellular technology – takes centre stage. If you haven’t started exploring what can be marketed on, or via, mobile handsets and tablets, here’s the best reason why you should.

Mobile is arguably the closest you can get to the consumer. Simply put, there is no other device that is as personal (everybody has their own phone), as pervasive (is with you all of the time), and provides the opportunity for proximity. Mobile truly enables marketers to connect at the right time, in the right place, with the right individual.

As business bible Forbes succinctly puts it, “The point is that mobile potentially offers disproportionate results”.

For its part, InTarget adds that exactly how disproportionally positive those results are depends on partnering with the right mobile marketing advisor.



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