Mobile Enables Customer Retention Management

Mobile Enables Customer Retention Management

CRM, or customer relationship management, is one of the best-known business philosophies and is usually defined as an approach to managing a company’s interaction with current and future customers. The goal is to improve relationships with customers so that they essentially remain customers.

Mobile marketing has a massive role to play in CRM. In fact, because mobile marketing is so personal and enables brands to interact directly and intimately with end users, it gets directly to the heart of the matter and transforms Customer Relationship Management into Customer Retention Management.

InTarget has outlined three reasons why mobile marketing can help organisations retain customers by deepening the engagement with them:

1. You’ll be up to date: Some 97 percent of mobile users open a text message within four minutes of receiving it. Because mobile marketing platforms can be easily updated and tweaked, mobile ensures you’ll always be timely and relevant. Never being out of date greatly increases the chances that SMS mentioned above will be acted upon.

2. You can be ubiquitous because mobile means you can extend everything you need to say to customers across all platforms like Facebook, Twitter and more. This greatly increases the chances of mobile being used to broadcast brand experiences.

3. You’ll be perceived as caring and responsive. Mobile technology enables brands to jump on any potentially negative issues as soon as a problem arises, and turn it into a positive example of problem solved. Being rapidly alerted to marketing challenges means damage can be contained and customers impressed.



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