Mobile Marketing Easily Integrated Into Brand Campaigns

Far from being a threat, traditional media such as print, radio, television, and outdoor is perfectly-positioned to integrate mobile marketing technology into brand campaigns. Let’s take a look at some real benefits that mobile marketing holds for traditional brand custodians:
1. The Internet is easily reachable through the mobile web
South African marketers have been hearing about the potential of the Internet for at least the last two decades. However, in a country with limited desktop and laptop penetration, reaching the online audience was always going to be tricky. Enter mobile. Phenomenal and growing feature phone and smart phone penetration in this country means traditional marketers can now easily connect with millions of current and potential customers who are also web users via their handset browsers.
2. Mobile has a certain cachet that traditional just doesn’t doesn’t have
Mobile technology – and by extension mobile marketing – is sexy and that’s an attribute that a billboard by the side of the highway just doesn’t have. Mobile marketing can infuse that X Factor into traditional campaigns so valued by the young and on-trend. Essentially, mobile can deliver real reputational benefits – and that’s aside from its positive impact on the bottom line.
3. Mobile is so easily integrated into traditional campaigns
As long as marketers are willing to partner with trusted mobile marketing advisors like InTarget, mobile elements can very easily be integrated into traditional media. Often, this is as simple as printing an SMS short code onto promotional material.



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