Key Mobile Marketing Learnings For 2015, 2016 & Beyond

As we say hello to 2016, and welcome all the opportunities that a brand new 12-month stretch holds, it’s perhaps pertinent to review some of the key mobile marketing learnings of the year that’s gone before us.

Here are InTarget’s “Mobile Marketing Top 5”:

1. A good mobile campaign can directly translate into feet in stores, or tangible online purchases when time limits are applied to the special offer one is transmitting via SMS or OTT channels such as WhatsApp. Time limits add an immediacy that helps move stock.

2. The humble text message is an effective method of bulk one-to-many communication and one of the key tools in the mobile marketer’s tool kit. Underlining this, one overseas study found that in excess of 94% of all commercial text messages are actually read by the recipients.

3. Far from only competing for ad spend, mobile and traditional advertising are a perfect fit. The cellphone enables deeper and richer engagement with more traditional forms of media. The cellphone’s connected SIM card turns the mobile into a transactional device and means that users can rapidly respond to any promotion or invitation to interact with a brand displayed on radio, television, billboards, in magazines and other media.

4. The ‘Please Call me’ service holds enormous commercial opportunities for advertisers and is easily the jewel in the mobile marketing crown. Good news is that the golden opportunities made possible by Please Call Me can be exploited by practically any brand in South Africa and beyond through InTarget’s text-based ads tagged onto the end of Please Call Me messages. Text Tags are push notification advertising messages that mobile users receive directly on their handsets.

5. Finally, challenging economic times – and there are plenty of those scheduled on the horizon – are when mobile advertising really comes into its own. This is because technology-based mobile offers unparalleled measurability which greatly aids ROI. Misfiring campaigns can be rapidly tweaked and this eliminates unnecessary resource wastage.



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