Everybody Loves Mobile

Everybody Loves Mobile

We’ve written plenty of pages during the course of this blog around why brands should go the mobile marketing route. Perhaps it is time now to shine the spotlight on the individual people who work within client organisations and outline what mobile could mean to them. It’s important from a buy-in perspective to ensure the individual personalities within corporations see the value of mobile marketing when it comes to their specific organisational objectives.

The Sales Director will find that mobile marketing enables current and potential clients to rapidly convert intention into actual purchasing behaviour. Mobile marketing means mere seconds can pass from the time a consumer is interested in a product or service, to the time they buy.

The Finance Director will be pleased with mobile marketing’s almost immediate impact on the bottom line. Cash flow is boosted while costly inventory is reduced due to the up-to-the-minute statistical information that can be provided by mobile.

The Marketing Director will see the company’s reputation climb to new heights as the brand is positively impacted by well-executed mobile marketing campaigns. Consumers appreciate it when brands make it easier to transact with them and do so in slicker and cleverer ways. The world’s love affair with technology is only just beginning and mobile marketers will
continue to ride the crest of this wave.



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