Three tips for effective text tag ads

Three tips for effective text tag ads

InTarget continues to partner with some of South Africa and the Continent’s leading brands when it comes to exploiting the awesome mobile marketing opportunities offered by the ‘Please Call Me’ service.

Most readers will know that InTarget’s established relationships mean it is able to commercialise this service highly-valued by literally tens of millions of prepaid cellular users. This is achieved by adding text tags onto the end of ‘Please Call Me’ messages for a specified time.

Just as in SMS-based mobile advertising, there’s a certain art in composing or structuring text tags that get one’s message across in the most effective way. Here are a few tips that brand managers should bear in mind:

1. Don’t devalue the brand by reducing words to ‘SMS speak’ in an effort to save space. Using SMS abbreviations might be fine in casual conversation but consumers expect the brands they interact with to uphold a certain standard.

2. Because space is limited, don’t mix messages and ensure there is one clearly understandable call to action that’s also just a click away.

3. Know your audience by understanding that the products and services most suited to ‘Please Call Me’ text tags are usually low value recurring items that are also subscription or debit-order based.



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