Mobile marketing provides personalised, localised & time sensitive information

Mobile marketing provides personalised, localised & time sensitive information

Over the course of our blogs, we’ve looked at a number of compelling reasons for brands to take the mobile marketing plunge and partner with a trusted advisor like InTarget. Readers would’ve by now been presented with perhaps a few dozen reasons to implement a mobile campaign – and probably forgotten most of them!

Let’s summarise the pros of mobile marketing in just one, easy-to-remember definition: mobile marketing provides time-sensitive and location-specific, personalised information to the consumer. The advantages to the marketer aside, such as measurability and impressive ROI, that’s it in a nutshell. Let’s take a quick look at each positive in turn.


A large part of why mobile marketing campaigns deliver such impressive ROI is because they can move stock by informing consumers of special offers, discounts and promotions relevant at a specific time. The time-sensitive nature of campaigns motivate consumers to act or risk losing out.


Related to the above, campaigns can also be location-specific which is a great advantage to retailers and others who don’t have a national presence and would waste resources by placing ads in traditional media that go far beyond their own reach. The location-specific nature of mobile marketing means a real relationship can be built with consumers in a certain localised area.


Perhaps the most important advantage that mobile marketing has over any practically any other kind of marketing is that it is a provider of very personalised information that resonates with the mobile phone user. This is definitely not a one-size-fits-all type of marketing, but a bespoke solution that intimately responds to the unique needs of individual consumers



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