Mobile 150% penetration means massive bang per buck

Mobile 150% penetration means massive bang per buck

Mobile’s rise since GSM technology first made its appearance in South Africa during our transition to democracy has been well-documented as it continues to achieve major milestones. The first major milestone was when the country achieved 100 percent mobile penetration and a second major milestone event was when the number of people accessing the web on mobile devices eclipsed those accessing it via desktop computers.

In January 2015, there were a staggering 79.1 million mobile subscriptions in South Africa, according to the Global Web Index report by international agency, We Are Social. This means mobile subscriptions as a percentage of the total population was sitting at a whopping 146% almost one year ago. There’s reason to expect the figure is now well over 150%.

What this means for mobile marketers, and I don’t think this has as yet been fully-appreciated by brands, is that mobile offers even greater value than we thought as mobile campaigns are potentially impacting each consumer one and a half times over. That’s because each consumer has 1.5 cellular phone subscriptions. So mobile marketing really does offer the best bang per buck and it’s even more efficient when campaigns are designed in collaboration with expert advisors such as InTarget.

Let’s summarise. Mobile is growing, other avenues are declining. Mobile also offers the most efficient way to market a product or service. Finally, the fact that specialist mobile marketing agencies exist to provide valuable guidance means no brand has to go it alone.



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