What really underpins mobile campaigns?

What really underpins mobile campaigns?

We’ve looked at the mobile marketing value chain and mobile marketing drivers, amongst other key concepts, during this series of blog posts. What I now plan to do is to change gear a little and go back to basics. With this in mind, what really underpins mobile marketing theory, and what could be seen as the foundation pillars of the art?

From InTarget’s substantial experience over the past decade or so, we’ve identified four non-negotiable pillars that should always serve as the foundation of the mobile marketing vision. Simply put, no successful mobile marketing campaign exists without these.

Firstly, consumer preference is a sovereign right and mobile users should be able to engage and disengage from campaigns at will.

Secondly, great marketing should be viewed as a service as mobile marketing can provide valuable discounts to consumers, for example text messages alerting customers to special offers.

Thirdly, personalisation is critical to achieve consistent results and requires specific profiling of the message which in turn leads to increased customer transactions.

Finally, as in all commercial areas, relationships drive transactions. In contrast to marketing via other media, mobile campaigns may not generate immediate transaction spikes. Rather, developing engaging relationships with customers leads to a greater number of transactions over time.



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