The five key elements of mobile marketing

The five key elements of mobile marketing

Just as there are the four key elements of the traditional marketing mix, namely product, price, promotion and place, there are similarly five key areas within the mobile marketing mix. They are content, cross-media marketing, campaign management, customer database and carrier cooperation. Successful mobile marketing campaigns run by specialist firms such as InTarget will include all of these key elements.

Let’s take a brief look at each of them in turn. Content is a key factor in creating a mobile service that attracts the users and keeps them engaged. The maxim ‘content is king’ is equally relevant in mobile marketing. This is a particularly- challenging one, however, because the personal nature of the mobile phone makes appealing content selection especially tricky.

Cross-media marketing refers to the idea that mobile marketing is not a lonely island in a sea of different media. Mobile media needs traditional media in order to thrive and to push home the point of sale call to action that is the goal of most mobile campaigns.

Campaign management refers to the fact that mobile marketing technology that enables campaign execution and analysing is one of the major success factors and is a crucial element of the marketing mix.

Customer database refers to mobile marketing being mandated by law to be permission-based. This simply means InTarget will always adopt an opt-in approach.

Finally, carrier cooperation means that the network operators have expertise and knowledge of mobile service delivery. They control the distribution channel and location-based services by allowing for message delivery and receipt. For mobile advertising and marketing initiatives to work more effectively, partnering with a network-agnostic WASP allows the medium more flexibility for network operators like InTarget to deliver effective advertising to and from their customers.



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