Engaging with the value chain

Engaging with the value chain

Last week, our regular blog readers (and we hope there are many of those!) will remember that I briefly described the difference between the specialist discipline of mobile advertising versus the supporting – or rather overarching – concept of mobile marketing.

As we said, since the entire concept of mobile marketing and mobile advertising is relatively new in Africa, the value chain is still being determined. However, this week we look at key targets that have been determined and how they can assist with rapid market adoption of these new channels and technologies. These are: Advertising agencies, event management firms, brand managers and retailers.

InTarget specifically focuses on the four segments above because their buy-in, in particular, when it comes to mobile campaigns is especially crucial when it comes to convincing their own clients of the relevance and importance of mobile marketing and mobile advertising. Only their client’s acceptance of this new medium can truly place big brands into the pockets of consumers.

Engagement with the four segments is crucial if firms like InTarget are to move mobile advertising away from its historical narrow focus of mostly being about SMS-based competition entries with a good deal of text tag ads thrown in. Education of individual client service managers will convince more big brands that mobile is in fact an extremely flexible medium that can deliver faster results, more affordably, while also providing scope for significant creative input. This last part is important because television is still largely seen as the Holy Grail for creative types within agencies – every art director wants to win a Loerie for a phenomenal TV ad. I find this thinking odd because real creativity takes the smallest screen and is able to do something really out-the-box with it.

Establishing long-term consolidated relationships with these target groups whose experience of different advertising and media channel integration will ensure faster adoption in the industry – and this is a necessity in obtaining market advantage.



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