Advertising Media Are Complementary

Advertising Media Are Complementary

Oftentimes in our enthusiasm to promote the mobile advertising medium we don’t clearly convey just how complementary traditional and mobile ad mediums can be. Let’s take a brief look at why – if properly integrated by a team of specialists – they can go together like vanilla and chocolate, or perhaps more accurately rum and raisin…

Mobile and traditional advertising a perfect fit.

Many people erroneously believe the fact that the overwhelming majority of cellphone users keep their phone within a one metre radius of themselves means that they are exclusively engaged with their cellphone screens. In fact, while their mobiles are indeed top of mind, the cellphone also enables deeper and richer engagement with more traditional forms of media. The cellphone’s connected SIM card turns the mobile into a transactional device and means that users can rapidly respond to any promotion or invitation to interact with a brand displayed on radio, television, billboards, in magazines and other media.

People in 2015 are multi-taskers.

Related to the above, just because a mobile phone user appears to be 100% engaged with a cellphone, it doesn’t mean the traditional media platforms on display around that person are being filtered out. The opposite is, in fact, true. With cellphone penetration having already achieved the 100% penetration rate several years ago, we’ve become accustomed to having one eye trained on our mobile phone screens while viewing or listening to traditional media. How many times have we witnessed friends or loved ones seemingly zoned out while staring at their cellphones screens and then suddenly appearing to come alive in a mere second at the mention of something that caught their attention on TV?

Consumers use mobile phones to seek out further information.

If you’re like me, you have your cellphone firmly placed next to you while watching TV. And most times it’s not there to be able to quickly answer calls, it’s there because if something catches my attention, I’ll quickly Google it or type in a URL to find out more. I find this is especially true while watching movies – so perhaps product placement is a pretty good idea after all. The cellphone is a wonderful device because not only can it be used to complete a commercial transaction related to a product or service seen on screen, it can also be used to complete the learning process to do with a product or service by offering the consumer a rapid way to learn more about something that piques their interest.



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