Mobile means immediate gratification for Intarget clients & mobile users alike

Mobile means immediate gratification for Intarget clients & mobile users alike

With South Africa’s GDP growth expected to come in well under the 2% percent mark again this year, it’s clear that marketers are under pressure as consumers slash spending and try to conserve as much of their dwindling cash reserves as possible. The good news, however, for InTarget clients is that challenging economic times are when mobile advertising really comes into its own.

Few firms can afford to spend right now on lavish brand-building exercises that are designed to deliver little else than promoting vague consumer recall at some far off point in the distant future. What we’re seeing in our business in the current climate is a strong demand for ‘call-to-action’ mobile advertising campaigns that move inventory – and move it quickly, or at least campaigns that result in strong leads. Who can afford to brand the crowning glory of a 50-storey building, for example, or a fleet of 100 cars, and then wait for some unspecified future positive impact on the bottom line?

While InTarget can certainly implement mass airtime campaigns, for instance, that are ideal to create general brand awareness, even better and faster results can be achieved by linking mass airtime campaigns to below-the-line promotions. Our interactive mobile platforms and applications can provide the end user with a unique customer experience featuring instant gratification – and immediate sales for the marketer.

While we excel at creating billions of monthly advertising impressions through our mobile advertising properties and engagement channels, for the marketer wanting a quick bottom line impact, InTarget offers a variety of sales-supporting tools.

For example, sending and receiving bulk text messages is a cost-effective way to meaningfully interact with customers at the centre of the business. SMS short code, for its part, is a straightforward call to action that enables current and potential clients to easily express their interest in products or services. Mobile billing is a network operator service that enables mobile users to select their desired products which are submitted for seamless purchase authorisation. Finally, Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) delivers a real-time drop down mobile menu that comes into its own when used for client service and mobile commerce applications.

Whichever mobile advertising tool our clients select, they can be sure that the end result is satisfied mobile users who appreciate the ease-of-use that mobile campaigns designed and implemented by InTarget deliver.



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