Will my customers welcome Premium SMS?

Will my customers welcome Premium SMS?

It is only natural for brands to wonder how their customers will react to paying for goods a different way. Will your customers welcome the option of Premium SMS? Most certainly, yes!

What is it exactly?

It is pretty simple. When a customer contacts you via a Premium SMS message, the customers pays for your service or product through the SMS itself. For example: You are hosting a competition and entrants have to submit their entries via a text message – this message costs a bit more than a standard SMS they would send to a friend. The money is deducted from their phone bill or airtime and the money is divided between your brand and the mobile operator.

So, instead of forcing the customer to pay you with a credit card, electronic transfer or in cash, they can simply pay you with a text. This is super convenient for the customer and allows a brand to reach more customers than ever before.

Customers also don’t have to give out any personal info which makes the transaction safe and secure.

I have read some negative comments about it?

Remember, any existing marketing tool or billing platform can be misused. Brands with less than honourable intentions have managed to utilize Premium SMS in a negative way – e.g. deducting more money from the customer than they should. But that is a reflection of the brands themselves, not of Premium SMS as a mobile billing tool.

If you are afraid that your customers might be reluctant to give this a try, simply state very clearly in your marketing material what the terms and conditions are for the use of this service. Being upfront will eliminate any misunderstandings and foster trust and loyalty between your brand and consumers

Thousands of brands are having great success with Premium SMS – when are you going to join their ranks?



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