What are Text Tag advertisements?

What are Text Tag advertisements?

Text Tags are a clever way to incorporate advertisements in permission based mobile messages to your customers. How do these ads look and how does it all work?

Have you ever received a Please Call me from someone that look something like this: “Please call John (John’s number). For low insurance premiums, call Company X at number so-and-so.” The first line is the standard wording you expect from a “please call me” message, and the second line is an example of a Text Tag ad.

But these mobile ads aren’t limited to call back request alone. You can also insert them in missed call alerts, balance checks, recharge notifications, end of call notifications etc.

The only “trick” to this kind of advertising is stricter character limitation. You have less than the usual 160 SMS characters at your disposal because the actual message (e.g please call john) forms part of your overall message. Thus, you are looking at about 40 – 100 characters that you can work with. That is why Text Tag messages usually focus on one strong call-to-action. This action call can say absolute anything you want – e.g. click to call, click to see a menu, click to go to website, click to send SMS etc.

Text Tags ads are basically a bonus on top of a message that you have to send anyway.

Now, depending on the type of message you are sending to a customer’s handset, the customer will either have the option of saving the message or not. USSD Push type message usually don’t provide you with a storage option that of course has its pros and cons. For example: a please call me and missed call alert will stay in the receiver’s inbox until he deletes it, while an end of call and balance enquiry message can simply be clicked away.

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