Tips for budgeting and timing of mobile advertising campaigns

Tips for budgeting and timing of mobile advertising campaigns

Your Mobile Advertising campaign needs a set budget and timeframe for it to be successful. These two components often go hand-in-hand because the one can directly influence the other. What should you know to get you started?

Keep it small

You don’t need over-the-top budgets or extensive timeframes to make your Mobile Advertising campaigns work. Smaller, personalized campaigns that only focus on customers who will actually buy from you, will be more beneficial to your business’s bottom line. Unlike traditional forms of marketing, the “go big or go home” motto doesn’t necessarily apply here.

Know what your cost drivers are

Get a list together of all the things that you have to budget for during your campaign. Once you know what they are, you can start shopping around. The three most important cost drivers are:

  • Payment for a marketing team/ agency: If you don’t have your own marketing team, you will need people to produce content, implement the strategy, monitor the progress and provide feedback on the results you achieved.
  • The cost of your mobile platform: If you are using text messaging, you need to know how much each SMS will cost you. Or if you are using mobile display advertising, you need to budget for the costs of clicks/ views or the hosting of your ad.
  • The length of your campaign: The length of your campaign directly influences the cost of it. The longer the campaign, the more content you have to produce and the higher the cost of your mobile platform will be.

Goals can determine timing

A Mobile Advertising campaign always has one or more goals. These could be anything from increasing brand awareness to driving sales. The latter usually requires a shorter timeframe – you only have a product launch or a special promotion for a few weeks. When it comes to building a lasting relationship with your customers, it will require more time for them to get to know you, thus your messages will be spread out over a longer period.

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