Ideas for promoting SMS Marketing in-store

Ideas for promoting SMS Marketing in-store

One of the ways you can make your customers aware of your SMS Marketing campaigns, or get them to subscribe to your SMS list, is by promoting it in-store. Here are a few ideas on how you can do it successfully.


The first thing you need to do is make marketing material that are bold and in-your-face. You want your customers to see it everywhere they turn in your store. Use bright and beautiful colours and font that is easy to read. Next make sure that the copy contains all the info that a customer requires – it has to contain a strong call to action and instructions on how to sign up for your service.

Find strategic locations in your store to place your SMS Marketing posters. Think about the journey your customer has to take from entering to exiting your store. Good examples are:

  • At the entrance to your store.
  • In the aisles. (Suspend it from the ceiling or paste it on the shelves)
  • At the cash register.

Till slips

People often keep their till slips as proof of payment. Put a short message at the bottom of the slips with instructions on how to subscribe to your SMS Marketing. Make sure that the cashier points out the message to your customers.

Wrappers and bags

If you can put your logo on wrappers or bags, why not do the same with your promotional messages for mobile? In fact, any object that can be safely printed can serve as a vessel for your message – take a look at the things you use in your store every day.

Free goodies

Free goodies are always an effective marketing tool and you don’t have to make it expensive. Stick your SMS shortcode on balloons, stationary, water bottles, matchboxes or licence disc holders and hand them out to customers.



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